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Walter B. Hoye II

A Weekly Column By Walter B. Hoye II
Conflict Of Interest
In the abortion debate, is there a "Conflict of Interest"
within the Black community and among her leaders?
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Our "Black Pastors And Wives" Conference Was Awesome!

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In A Word: Transformational!
Or the process by which deep structures are converted …

The BCS Leadership Initiative will explore the state of the Black Family fifty-two (52) years after the Moynihan report, and 80 years after the New Deal.

Our "Black Pastors and Wives" Conference was described by all of the attendees as: "Transformational!" and "Life Changing!" This conference employed a strategy that hasn't been used since the mid 1800's when Harriet Tubman (an escaped slave and a devout Christian) built the underground railroad and rescued about seventy (70) slaves (family and friends) in approximately thirteen (13) trips to Maryland during a ten (10) year period (1850-1860).1 Harriet Tubman rescued slaves she could trust (i.e., family and friends), because it was too dangerous for her to go places where she did not know people or the landscape.2 Like Harriet Tubman, we too will work with Black leadership we can trust and in places where we know the landscape is conservative with a biblical worldview.

Our Objectives
Our modern day version of the underground railroad will:

  • Expose the physical reality of the abortion procedure itself and its genocidal impact in Black America today.
  • Reveal the "Civil Rights" legacy of the Black Pro-Life movement in America.
  • Address the need for strictly confidential, non-judgmental, personal and compassionate healing programs, with the understanding that the number one (#1) reason Black leadership rejects the Pro-Life movement, is that Black leadership is post-abortive.
  • Teach our young people that sexual purity for Christians includes keeping your heart, mind and body, holy for the purposes of God and for the future spouse God may bring into your life.
  • Protect our Pastors by sharing several ways to get involved in the Pro-Life movement safely and schedule an "on site" follow up meeting with each Pastor to help each leader establish a Pro-Life ministry in their church.

Working Together
We must have a sense of urgency to do all we can, while we can …

The BCS Leadership Initiative will explore the state of the Black Family fifty-two (52) years after the Moynihan report, and 80 years after the New Deal.
History teaches us that the success of this strategy depended upon Black and White Americans working together.3 During the late 1850s, Harriet Tubman spoke at several anti-slavery meetings, in churches, and abolitionists home, where she told her audiences about the trail from Maryland to freedom in Canada.4 Harriet Tubman also provided detailed instructions to trusted others so they too could help others find their way to freedom on their own.5 Isn't it past time we work together. Isn't it time to build a modern day version of the underground railroad.

Reaching Black Pastors in Bath, Michigan.Each conference costs $30,000. Our goal is to hold three (3) to four (4) "Black Pastors and Wives" conferences a year. We must have a sense of urgency to do all we can, while we can. With the window of opportunity the new administration in the White House affords us to reach deeper into Black America and save lives, we simply cannot employ the common "once a year" conference format. Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ said it best in the Gospel of John 9:4: "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work."

Reaching Black Pastors in Detroit, Michigan.Over the years, Harriet Tubman added her own connections, trusted friends and colleagues to the underground railroad. In the process, Harriet Tubman worked with leaders from state to state, developing deep and lasting friendships with many Black and White abolitionists who financed her rescue missions. The word "abolitionist" was first recorded in the 1830 to 1840 historical time frame.6 It described (especially prior to the Civil War) a person who advocated or supported the abolition of slavery in the United States.7 Today, Lori and I want to build a modern day version of Harriet Tubman's underground railroad. Together, Lori and I want to work with like minded people, who want to join us, working as a team to abolish abortion on demand in America. We all know that Black and White American's working together, is how abortion on demand in America got started. We also know, that Black and White American's, working together, is the only way to end it. There's only one question now left on the table. And that is: Won't you help us?

God bless.

We Need Your Help!

Issues4Life Foundation's Donations Page.This newsletter highlights the uncompromising work of the Issues4Life Foundation. As you can see, this type of outreach has no precedent and is unparalleled in its ability to address the heart of the matter, strengthen Black leadership's stand against abortion on demand and answers the questions surrounding the bioethical issues that impact our humanity. Lori and I need your help. The Pro-Life movement cannot conduct her business as usual and wait until 2020 to reach out to Black America. We've got to go to work now in ways that reflect and resolve the ever increasing difficulty of our task. This is why we need your help. Please consider, that a generous donation at this time will go a long way. If the Lord puts it on your heart to financially support our work, CLICK HERE to give.

Brothers, we need to talk.


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